Why Choose Rogue Canyon Adventures?

Rogue Canyon Adventures offers the most complete Rogue River trips available. Consider and compare all that we provide on this classic Oregon whitewater rafting river.


It's Your Trip

We have been guiding guests on the Rogue River for more than 15 years and believe that the best trip is the trip you desire. We provide a foundation of safety and seamless logistics along with guides who possess a wealth of knowledge about the Rogue River's characteristics and wilderness. From there, we create the trip you want, adjusting to your style and needs rather than asking you to fit our agenda. We are always happy to provide the type of meal that works you, whether you are gluten or dairy free, vegetarian or vegan, our guides are experienced, creative chefs on the river!

A Variety of Trip Options

With RCA you can choose between camp trips, lodge trips, or a camp/lodge combination. We offer 3, 4 and 5-day camp trips and 3-day lodge trips. We also offer opportunities to paddle the Rogue River in rafts and inflatable kayaks or you can enjoy the whitewater in the comfort of an oar boat. We're happy to customize trips to meet your wants and needs!


Full Safety Orientation and Gear

Before each Rogue River rafting trip we provide a thorough safety and instructional orientation. For example, as part of our full safety gear ensemble each client that paddles in the inflatable kayaks are provided with helmets. We also provide wetsuits and paddle jackets free of charge when needed.

Experienced Crews

Our crew is comprised of the most experienced and personable guides you will find anywhere. We run trips every week in the heart of the summer, resulting in a crew that intimitely knows the characteristics of the Rogue River and the surrounding wilderness.


Smaller Group Size

Typically, our Rogue River rafting trips are limited to 12 guests and four guides. We have the ability to take more at select times during the season but we generally prefer to keep group sizes reasonable in order to maximize your wilderness experience.

Personable Guest to Guide Ratio

We run Rogue River white water rafting trips with one guide for every three or four guests, a ratio we feel enhances each guest's experience in relation to safety, comfort and good company.

Convenience & Satisfaction

Personal Camping Gear Included

All of our Rogue River rafting trips include sleeping bags, tents and plush sleeping pads. If you’re limited on space or prefer not to lug your stuff around then let us make your preparation for the trip easier!

Additional Help with Pre and Post Trip Transportation and Lodging

We’ll gladly share our comprehensive knowledge of the Rogue River area and assist with any transportation and lodging needs you have. Just call our friendly office staff with any questions you might have concerning your travel plans to Southern Oregon.

We're confident you will find your experience with Rogue Canyon Adventures to be exceptionally exciting and rewarding!

Experience & History

Rogue Canyon Adventures is owned and operated by Travis Staple. As a tight-knit family run business we are commited and genuinely excited to provide the best trips on Oregon's Rogue River. Our love for the oudoors, and in particular river trips, is what inspired us to become an outfitter. Our goal is to share this love of river trips with you and your group by providing seamless logistics, great food, and the best guides in the business.These guides love to share with you the beauty, grace, and thrill of the Rogue River Canyon. We do our best to make each and every trip on the Rogue a unique and special experience and look forward to you joining us soon.

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