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Nestled deep in the coastal Siskiyou mountains of southwest Oregon, the Rogue river features unmatched natural beauty, exceptional fly fishing, fun whitewater, quiet seclusion, abundant wildlife, and rich history. It is this rare combination of characteristics that inspired Congress in 1967 to include the Rogue as part of the original Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Over thirty years later the river retains the same charm. It still flows through one of the most poetic canyons on earth and serves up one exceptional opportunity after another to land big fish. The fishing on the Rogue is unsurpassed. Rogue Canyon Adventures proudly announces its affiliation with Rogue Excursions, one of the original fishing outfitters on the Rogue.

Terry O'Connors, former owner of Rogue Excursions, is our head Rogue River fishing guide. Terry is the longest standing full time guide on the river, having led salmon and steelhead trips since 1968. Along with the rest of our experienced, caring, and talented Rogue fishing guides, Rogue Canyon Adventures provides the most professional and rewarding drift boat trips on the river. As an example, we are the only company to provide a supply raft on each trip, leaving the drift boats lighter and more nimble to focus on the high quality fishing.

Long recognized as salmon and steelhead heaven, throughout time the Rogue has provided fly fishing enthusiasts with idyllic pools and quiet fishing holes that teem with fish journeying upriver from the nearby Pacific Ocean. Steelhead in the fall range from one to two feet long and weigh up to eight pounds. Chinook (king) salmon up to 40 pounds are also caught. And, the smaller silver (coho) salmon up to 12 pounds ply these waters.

On all Rogue river fly fishing trips Rogue Canyon Adventures offers drift boat fishing. The drift boats accommodate one or two fishers and a guide. These nimble craft are known for their ability to sit on the water as fly or lure is cast into the rich fishing holes. These Rogue River Fishing Trips also feature first rate overnight accommodations. Each night is spent at charming riverside lodges, complete with private rooms, showers, and family style dining.

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