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Call and talk to us, or email for trip information. We are a small company which means you mean a lot to us, every trip, every person!


Flexible Starting Dates

We launch multi-day Wild and Scenic Rogue River trips weekly! We typically launch every Wednesday. Need another date? We'll make it work!

Small Group Sizes

Relationships is the name of the game. Get connected again to nature, family, and self. Come as guests, leave as family.

Best time to be on the river

Our season is May-October. Rafting trips fill up fast from mid-June through late August so book now!

For more information or to book your trip call us!

Multi-Day Rafting, Hiking & Fishing Trips

Trips launch every Wednesday throughout the summer. However we have the flexibility to create other launch dates. Call for availability.

Day trips: We launch daily, call for a reservation!